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Frederick Samuel Fish

chairman of Studebaker Corp, lawyer, politician

HON. FREDERICK SAMUEL FISH, A.B. #1976 of New York City, elected a Pilgrim Tercentenary member 18 June 1919, was born at Newark, NJ, 5 February 1852, the son of Rev. Henry Clay and Clarissa (Jones) Fish, and died at South Bend, Ind., 13 August 1936.

He traced his descent from John1 Fish, an inhabitant of Stratford, Conn., as early at 1654, of New London, Conn., in 1655, and of Stonington, Conn., in 1668, land surveyor, acting town clerk, schoolmaster, a soldier in the Narragansett Expedition and in King Philip's War, who was baptized at Harborough-Market, co. Leicester, England, 12 January 1620/1, and died in 1687, through Samuel2, 1656/7-1733, of Groton, Conn., a soldier in King Philip's War and in the French and Indian Wars, captain in 1710 of the Groton trainband, representative, selectman, Nathan3, 1699-1732, of Groton, farmer, whose first wife was Abigail Havens, Capt. Nathan4 #1876, 1727-1822, of Groton, representative, justice of the peace, an officer in the militia, whose first wife was Catherine Niles, Samuel5 #1880, 1751- 1837, of Groton, Conn., and Halifax, Vt., tanner, a soldier in the Revolution, who married Susan Lamb, Rev. Samuel6 #1940, 1788-1883, of Halifax, Vt., pastor of the Baptist Church at Halifax for fifty years, whose second wife was Bersheba Packer, and the Rev. Henry Clay7 #1963, his father, a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in 1845, D.D. (University of Rochester, 1854), teacher, author, Baptist minister at Somerville, N.J., 1845-1850, and at Newark, 1850-1877, who was born at Halifax 27 January 1820, married at Shelburne, Ma., 15 July 1845, clarissa Jones (born 8 June 1821, died 5 October 1915, daughter of Gurdon and Delia (Tuttle) Jones), and died 2 October 1877.

Frederick Samuel Fish attended Newark academy and entered the University of Rochester, where he was graduated in 1873 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He then studied law, was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1876, and practised his profession in Newark and in New York City from 1876 to 1890.

Interested in politics, he was city attorney of Newark from 1880 to 1884, a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, 1884-85, and a member of the New Jersey Senate from 1885 to 1887, serving as president of that body during his last term.

For twelve years he was a member of the New Jersey National Guard, and retired from that service with the rank of colonel.

In 1891 he moved to South Bend, Ind., to beomce a director and general counsel of the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company. He was chairman of the Executive Committee of this company, 1897-1911, and chairman of the Executive Committe, 1911-12, president 1911-1915, and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Studebaker Corporation, 1915-1935.

He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and of the Society of Sons of the Revolution, and was a Republican and a Baptist.

Among his clubs were the University, the Bowlers, and the St. Andrews Golf Clubs of New York City, the Garden City (N.Y.) Golf Club, and the South Bend (Ind.) Country Club. In recent years he had resided in New York City.

In the work of the New England Historical Genealogical Society Colonel Fish was deeply interested. From 1921 on he served as a member of the Committee on English Research and its successor, the Committee on English and Foreign Research, his name appears on the Indiana tablet on the wall of the Corridor of States, the entrance corridor to the Society's house in Boston, and on the wall of the stair hall of the Society's house he placed a tablet bearing the inscription: "A Memorial Of The Reverend Samuel Fish And Of His Son, The Reverend Henry Clay Fish. D D, Dedicated By Fredick Samuel Fish To His Father And Grandfather A.D. 1921."

Colonel Fish married 16 June 1887 Grace Studebaker, dauughter of John Mohler and Mary (Stull) Studebaker, who, with two children, Frederick Studebaker Fish and Mrs. G. Breaux Ballard (Mary Jane Fish) of Glenview, Ky., survives him.

p.399 Notes of Harvard Graduates
Fish, Thomas (1719) of Duxbury d.1722

Frederick Studebaker Fish Jr

census shows middle name as Studebaker, but may be Samuel