Selected Families and Individuals


Timothy K Capps

caretaker for Northfield Land and Water Co.

Clarence Capps

died of influenza

Bertie Capps

(Medical):Colorado Springs Gazette dated 10/5/1884

Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Capps who reside near Edgerton lost a three year old boy
yesterday by poisoning. They had just moved into a new house that had been vacant for
some time in which a large number of empty bottles and others containing
medicine had been left. The boy drank a quantity of belladonna from a bottle and died
shortly afterward."

Ira Eugene Capps

An article in the Rocky Mountain News dated 10/26/1969 included an interview with
Ira. He states that he was born in the Capps cabin and after three years his family
moved to California traveling by a wagon drawn by eight yoke of oxen.

He said that when his mother went into labor she was digging potatoes. His father rode
horseback attempting to find a doctor but by the time he arrived back at the cabin with
the doctor Ira was born any everyone was doing fine.

Ira was visiting the cabin of his childhood and at the same time he was visiting the
graves of his two brothers buried there.

Ira worked all his life in California as a shipbuilder, sawmills, as well as with the

George Capps

died of influenza

Gustav Schwartzenegger

was a German soldier in WWII